Website building: vocabulary & process

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Creating a website requires you to start by knowing the ‘technical vocabulary’ used related to this particular area. Here I list the basic words you will frequently see and that you need to know to understand what they mean and what they represent.
What is needed and what it represents:
  • Website = house (final product)
  • Domain = address of the house
  • Hosting = land where the house is settled
  • WordPress = foundation of the house
  • Theme = layout of the house (plans/distribution)
  • Builder = contractor who will build the house
  • Plugins = contractors who will make your house look better (more functionality)
Steps to get your website (house) done:
  1. Get a domain
  2. Get a hosting service and point it to your domain
  3. Install WordPress (it’s free) in your hosting

Inside WordPress:

  1. Install a theme (free or paid)
  2. Install the builder
  3. Add plugins as/if necessary
  4. Start making pages, adding copy, etc.

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